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Realinflo Hong Kong Awards 2021

Recognizing the Top Real Estate Agents and Transactions of the Year

The Hong Kong property market has once again shown its resilience during a tough period and to celebrate this, we are holding these awards to recognize our city’s top agents and transactions over the course of the year.

Sales deals for all asset classes (except strata-title units and non-single residential lots) which are closed in the 2021 calendar year and transacted at HKD20 million or more, are eligible for submission. For the inaugural awards we will be counting submissions by company, however we plan to expand this to also individual agents in the future.

For this round of awards, we are accepting Office, Retail, Industrial and Residential transactions with the awards being based off the following four categories: 

  1. Total number of transactions submitted;
  2. Total transaction value;
  3. Largest individual transaction area;
  4. Largest individual transaction value.

We will also have an award for the highest total value of all transactions submitted across all asset classes!

Total Number of Transactions Brokered

Simply a count of the number of transactions that each company submits. Each qualifying submitted transaction will count as one entry.

Total number of entries will be tallied once the submission period is closed and companies will be ranked based on the number of entries they submitted for the 2021 calendar year.

Total Brokered Transaction Value

The total value of all the deals that each company submits will be summed up in Hong Kong Dollars and entrants will be ranked based on their overall cumulative transaction value.

The value that was brokered at the time of the deal will be used for this calculation.

Largest Individual Transaction Area

On a total G.F.A. basis, submitted deals will be compared to determine the single largest deal done in 2021.

Deals shared between two brokerage firms will be counted equally for each party involved.

Highest Individual Transaction Value

The highest value transaction from each entrant will be compared. Only deals made for a single asset will be considered for this category.

Deals shared between two brokerage firms will be counted equally for each party involved.

Deals Submitted

Participating Companies

15 Nov 2021 - Awards launch and submissions open

Initial launch of the Realinflo awards. Submissions are now welcomed and can be made after registration.

17 Dec 2021 - Preliminary standings announced

A few weeks before the end of the year, we will release some preliminary results based of received submissions to see who’s leading the charge!

31 Dec 2021 - Competition period ends

End of the year marks the final day that valid deals for this competition can be closed.

14 Jan 2022 - Submission window closes

Two weeks after the end of 2021, the submission window for deals will also close.

21 Jan 2022 - Final results calculated

Results will be calculated based on the methodologies outlined above and the final winners decided.

Feb 2022 - Awards ceremony and results announcement

Details to be announced. We will hold an awards ceremony for all the participants where we will announce the final results and hand out awards to the winners.

Submit your deals before time runs out!









If you have any questions on the awards or would like to enquire on media coverage please give us a call on +852 3117 8729, WhatsApp at +852 5508 1745 or email hello@realinflo.com and we will respond asap!


General Questions

What are the Realinflo Awards?

To celebrate and recognise the achievements made in the Hong Kong real estate market in 2021, the team at Realinflo have decided to host an awards for the most active and successful agents and deals made.

This being the inaugural awards, a focus will be put on friendly competition between real estate firms, so as long as it was a deal done by your firm – it counts!

However as the market starts to heat up, we may look to run a most active individual broker awards in the future.

What counts as a valid submission?

At the moment we are only focussing on sales transactions of over HKD20 million in value which were made during 2021. We plan to expand this to include lease transactions in the future.

The only deals that won’t be valid for submission are strata-title units and non-single lot residential deals. Similarly only deals closed during the 2021 calendar year will be eligible.

What's in it for me?

Submitted deals will have their transaction entries updated on our platform to show which agency was responsible. This will give agencies good visibility to developers and investors using our platform.

If you already are a Realinflo user, you will earn triple bricks for each transaction you submit as part of the competition. If you aren’t already a user of the platform see the ‘how to sign up’ FAQ for more details.

On top of that, awards winners for each category will be presented with an award at a ceremony to be hosted early 2022 alongside our partner sponsors and also promoted through our platform and social media.

The awards evening to be held in Feb will also be a free evening for all participating agencies to join.

How many awards are on offer?

Four award categories across four asset types is 16 awards, with an extra overall award bringing the total to 17 awards.

When will the awards be?

We will be hosting an awards ceremony at a venue to be confirmed in early February 2022. More details of this will be released in due course.

How can I enter and submit my deals?

To register for the awards, you can sign up here. Once you have registered a member from the Realinflo team will contact you with a submission template easily laying out all the required information for submission.

Deals can be submitted as you go or all in one batch, so long as they are included on the submission form at the end of the competition period.

What information do I need to provide?

Don’t worry about providing all the details for each transaction you submit, we will verify and pad out transaction information, so the only necessary information required is:

  • Address and property details;
  • Transacted area;
  • Transacted price;
  • Transaction date.
How long do I have to submit my deals?

This year’s competition is centred on deals which were made throughout 2021. As such, in order to accommodate deals which were closed at the end of the year, the window to submit deals will be open until the end of the second working week in January (14/01/2022).

Once the window is closed, no more deals submitted will be accepted. The results will be tallied up by the Realinflo team and the winners announced at an awards ceremony to be held in early 2022, details of which will be announced on the website and our social media.

How can I sign up for free access to Realinflo?

Visit our website today to sign up. Accounts for agents, valuers and researchers are free of charge.

接點 one of our staff to see how we Realinflo can help improve your transaction searching!