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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Why Realinflo?

Ever had to call around your industry peers to find out information on a deal or property? Pull out a comp you think is relevant but has no area information, only to measure it and find out it’s not relevant after all? Or search through multiple folders and files to find those comps on that shop you valued a few months ago? We have as well!

With Realinflo, you’ll provide better value to your clients and boost productivity. Realinflo will enable you to negotiate deals faster, spot new opportunities for your clients, find that missing data piece for your research and source the relevant comparables you need to support your valuations. We supply the innovative tools you need for you to better serve your clients, whether you are a broker, valuer or real estate researcher.

Why did you create both the Private and Public Floor?

We recognise some comps you will want to keep private and that for some comps you will be in a position to be able to share. This provides the flexibility to manage your data and database in the way you want to.

How does the Realinflo Bricks System work?

Bricks are for ‘building up’ your database!

For comp data that a user has decided to ‘exchange’ for other comps, the user receives points as a reward which are called ‘Bricks’ within the Realinflo system. A different amount of Bricks are awarded based on the amount of information provided on that comp, with the more information provided then the more Bricks that are awarded. Similarly, the ‘cost’ of each comp to purchase within the Trading Floor is determined by the amount of information contained within that comp data set.

It’s also possible to earn Bricks for comps that have already been submitted – if you have purchased a comp and there is missing information then you can earn Bricks by submitting the missing attributes. Additionally, if you submit a comp to the Trading Floor but a user has previously already submitted you can still earn Bricks, although the reward amount will be at a lower rate.

Realinflo has not yet launched in our city, can we still use it as a prvate database?

Yes. You can register as an individual or as a team and send in your comp data, which will remain private and only be accessible by you and your teammates only (if part of a team). Once we have launched in your market you will then be able to choose which comps you want to send forward to earn Bricks for purchasing other comps.

When are you launching in my market?

Probably soon! We are currently working on launching in additional markets across Asia – get in touch with us at gary.walter@realinflo.com if you would like to see us launch in your market!

What is a comparable?

A comparable, or comp, is a record of a lease or sales transaction that has been completed in the market. Realinflo collects lease and sales data throughout Asia-Pacific for any sectors, including office, retail, hotel, industrial, residential and land comps. This information includes data on transacted prices, rents, transaction size, lease terms, concessions and more.

What makes Realinflo comp data different?

We collect multiple attributes on comps that are traditionally hard and painstakingly time consuming to source (or even find at all). Information such as effective rents, area details, handover condition etc can be found in our comp data. We also have several systems in place to ensure a consistent level of data accuracy.

Which markets can I submit information for?

All Asia markets – Are you a valuer in Shanghai? A broker in Hong Kong? Or in your Jakarta research team? No problem!

You can submit information on any market you cover – we will cover it too. So for example, if you or your team cover both Hong Kong and Shanghai you can send in information on both cities, as well as the other deal information you have on Phnom Penh! Within your Realinflo database you are able to search and analyse your comparable information in any city.

For markets where we have not yet ‘launched’ then only the Private Floor will be available, which will comprise yours or your team’s comparable information. For ‘launched’ markets, which are currently Hong Kong and Singapore, you will be able to expand your database further submitting to and purchasing comps from the Trading Floor.

Hold on! Should we be sharing information?

Realinflo is a platform that is simply taking an offline process to online – brokers, valuers and researchers already frequently exchange information on sales, leasing and building information. However, please only share information to the Realinflo Trading Floor that you are able to do so.

Also, remember you choose which information you share – any information is by default added to your private database (Private Floor) once submitted and no information will be uploaded to the Trading Floor unless this is option is chosen by you.

Why is the Realinflo Trading Floor only available in launched markets?

All comparable information that is available on the Realinflo Trading Floor has been vetted and analzyed by both our in-house systems and analysts to ensure the highest level of accuracy. In each of our launched markets we have a dedicated team that will ensure that any information ‘shared’ has undergone this process so you can use the data from the platform in confidence.

When we launch in a market for which you have already have data submitted you then be able to select any of your comps for which you choose to send to the Trading Floor – earning Bricks in the process!


Is Realinflo Floor free to use?

Yes and there is no charge for brokers, valuers and researchers.

Who can use Realinflo Floor?

The platform is open to real estate professionals only, who are working as a broker, valuer or researcher. You will need to use your company work email address and other information to sign up.

I need Comps! Where can I sign up?

Please click ‘Sign Up’ on this page. We aim to approve your registration request within 24 hours. Once approved, you will be able to submit comps to earn bricks which you can then use to ‘purchase’ comps. 

If you have signed up and still not heard back from us within 24 hours, please contact us at support@realinflo.com. It is also worth checking your spam filter in case our confirmation email did not get through.


Who can see my comps within the private floor?

If you are an individual user, only you can see your comps submitted. If you are part of a team, yourself and your teammates can see the comps that any user has submitted.


I need a comp, but urgently! However I don’t have enough Bricks, what can I do?

Don’t worry, if you are an active registered user we can provide you with some ‘emergency’ bricks! Shoot us an email at comps@realinflo.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Just remember to upload some of your comps to the Trading Floor later!

Which companies or persons are currently using the platform?

We will not disclose this information and users and their affiliated companies remain completely anonymous.

Which deals can I share?

You can share your own or any other deals that you are in a position to share. Remember that if you submit your own deals you’ll be awarded additional bricks, so please let us know at the time of submission if you are submitting your own deals. Also, please submit information that you know is true and accurate – users will be penalized for submitting false or account data which could result in your account being suspended.

I have a question or would like to see an extra feature added, can I contact you?

Certainly! We are looking forward to working together with our members in bringing greater transparency to the real estate industry. If you have any comments, suggestions, or additional service you would like us to provide, please call us at +852 6992 3578 or drop us an email at feedback@realinflo.com. We want to build our platform with our users from the outset and your feedback will be invaluable.

Can I just pay for comps without sharing any of my own on the Trading Floor?

No, as we want to ensure that Realinflo remains as a free platform for brokers, valuers and researchers. The only ‘payment’ that can be used to purchase comps is with Bricks, which are added to your account for sharing comps in the Realinflo Floor.

Is it possible to tell me who submitted a Comp?

No, information on who submitted the comp information is available, as all users enjoy 100% anonymity in sharing deal information. However, for comps in the ‘shared’ pool you will be able to see how many times that comp has been received and subsequently verified by the Realinflo team.

How do you ensure the accuracy of information?

Every comp is reviewed and analyzed by the Realinflo team before being accepted to the Trading Floor.  This includes by both our in-house systems and analysts, with the data also being benchmarked by other data within our system. Data for each comparable is normally received several times and you are able to see once you have ‘purchased’ the comp with Bricks how many times this comp has been verified internally by the Realinflo team.


How will my comp data submitted be used?

1. Realinflo Private Floor – this is comp data that you or your teammates have submitted but want to keep private, i.e. only yourself or anyone else who is a member of your linked team can view, access and download. For this comp data, this will only be available in aggregate form in Realinflo Insights and any user in Realinflo Insights will not be able to see or view this individual comp data.
2. Realinflo Trading Floor – this is comp data that you have shared so that other Realinflo users can ‘purchase’ your comps and that you have earnt Bricks to purchase other users submitted comps. For this comp data, this data may be available in individual form in Realinflo Insights as well as in aggregated form.

I want to remove my / my company’s data from Realinflo. Can I do this?

Yes, we want you to have as much control as possible over your data. For data that is in your private database (the ‘Private Floor’), we will remove any sales and lease comp data that has not been in platform up to six months prior to the date you request us to do so.

I still have some concerns regarding how my comp data will be used, what can I do?

Please get in touch. Please email Gary at gary.walter@realinflo.com or call us at +852 3117 8729. We can hopefully address any further concerns you may have –  one of our core values is transparency and we want to ensure it is fully clear over how we manage and use your data.